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Since I have written quite a bit more on internet pharmacy law and strategy related to the Ryan Haight Act and criminal defense law after my last outline, I figured I would update it and attempt to present it in a more organized fashion.  Below please find a catalogue of some of my most popular articles […]

Doctor Juan Antonio Ibanez of Tampa, Florida pled guilty to selling over 50 million hydrocodone pills from 2003-2007 via a number of internet pharmacy websites, including,,, and The Tampa Tribune recounts a portion of the plea hearing: “During this process, did you act knowingly and intentionally with due disregard for the law?” U.S. […]

I previously wrote about the legal difficulties of convicting an internet pharmacy or pharmacist pre and post Ryan Haight Act.  Specifically, I noted the hurdles to persuading a jury that a pharmacist knew (as required by the Controlled Substances Act) that he or she was filling illegal prescriptions beyond a reasonable doubt. One of the ways prosecutors seek to […]

I previously wrote in my internet pharmacy criminal defense strategies article that the Ryan Haight Act, somewhat counter-intuitively, provides a potential defense for criminal defendants in online pharmacy and internet prescription prosecutions commenced prior to the effective date of the Act.  To summarize, I noted that it is illogical for the DEA and DOJ to argue […]

The U.S. Attorney for the District of Utah today announced the indictment of 18 individuals under The Controlled Substances Act for activities connected with two online pharmacies ( and  Specifically, the press release and indictment allege violations of The Controlled Substances Act for the following reasons: some customers could purchase drugs from an online pharmacy without […]

With the focus on the Ryan Haight Act, I imagine many are wondering when the Act becomes effective should the President sign it (which he will).  Note, however, that the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) would view that date as irrelevant.  The DEA and Department of Justice (DOJ) are indicting, prosecuting, and successfully convicting online pharmacy website owners, doctors, and pharmacists […]

The amended version passed by the House on September 23, 2008 has now passed the Senate.  All that is left is the President’s signature.  I have summarized and linked previous discussion on the Act and its effect on online pharmacy prescriptions below: Detailed Criminal Defense Analysis of Ryan Haight Act Pharmacy Association Erroneously Favors the Ryan Haight Act House […]

The DEA’s Diversion Control website provides a list of doctors convicted or with pending trials under The Controlled Substances Act.  Unfortunately, it is nowhere near exhaustive. Moreover, the list includes offline prescription convictions.  The list, for example, also would include a local doctor who might blindly write prescriptions for his or her patients. In fact, […]

A state judge in Albany, NY dismissed with prejudice charges against Signature Compounding Pharmacy and its executives: Chief Executive Officer Naomi Loomis, Chief Operating Officer Robert “Stan” Loomis, head pharmacist Kenneth “Mike” Loomis and business-development director Kirk Calver.  The indictment alleged that Signature Pharmacy was at the center of an internet drug distribution scheme filling internet steroid prescriptions […]

This is the first in a series of posts outlining the major legal issues associated with internet pharmacy prosecutions.  Today, I will be outlining the typical federal distribution of a controlled substance case against online pharmacies, pharmacists, doctors, and prescription website owners (online consultation and direct prescription services, as well as no record pharmacies).  Note […]