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In March 2010, the FDA released a report warning users of the potentially “fraudulent” practices associated with internet pharmacies selling medication for pets, such as heartworm preventatives and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).  Specifically, the report warns that numerous veterinary internet pharmacies are selling expired or counterfeit drugs and selling drugs without a prescription.  The report […]

Sorry for my absence.  I have been extremly busy over the last few weeks.  There have been numerous internet pharmacy law developments over the last month as well.  I intend to begin posting articles again on a regular basis this week.

Jose Riopedre and Susana Mendez both pled guilty in the District Court for the District of Maryland today to conspiring to distribute more than two million doses of Phentermine via an internet pharmacy.  Both agreed to forfeit $1,500,000.  Sentencing is scheduled for July 15, 2009. The indictment alleged that between March 2005 and December 2006, the […]

Yesterday was the effective date for a majority of the provisions in the Ryan Haight Act (Ryan Haight Online Pharmacy Consumer Protection Act).  It is now part of the Controlled Substances Act.  Also effective yesterday was the interim Ryan Haight Act rule promulgated by the DEA, which I have argued does nothing but make internet […]

The AffPower network Internet pharmacy trial began this week in the Southern District of California for the remaining AffPower defendants Dolores Lovin, Mary Aronson, Richard Edward Koch, Philip James Bidwell, Jeffrey A. Light, Tracy ONeal Tyler and Peter P. Bragansa.  This case is unique in that the Government seeks to prosecute Internet pharmacy affiliates as well as […]

The final Rule on the “Implementation of the Ryan Haight Online Pharmacy Consumer Protection Act” (aka Ryan Haight Act) was published in the Federal Register Monday, April 6, 2009, by the DEA and DOJ.  It can be found here.  It draws some interesting conclusions with respect to Internet pharmacy law.  Simply put, the new Regulations only serve […]

Recall that last month the Judge in the U.S. v. Hernandez internet pharmacy trial declared a mistrial after numerous jurors admitted to doing their own independent research during jury deliberations.  This occurred after the Judge previously dismissed defendants Steve Marhee, Edgar Cruz, Thomas Walker and Everett Echols, M.D. with prejudice after the prosecution commented in closing arguments […]

The development of Internet pharmacy law is really only in its infancy.  This may come as a surprise to those who have witnessed numerous pre Ryan Haight Act prosecutions over the last five years.  While there have been many indictments, convictions, mistrials and acquittals in the past few years, Appellate Courts have yet to render decisions on some of […]

Several months ago I linked all of my more extensive criminal defense internet pharmacy law and Ryan Haight Act articles (discussing both controlled and noncontrolled substances) in one blog post.  Below is my second attempt at doing so, given that I have written much more since then.  Keep in mind that the legal landscape for internet pharmacy […]

Kirtar Munshi was sentenced to one year in prison and ordered to pay a $6,000 fine and forfeit $219,000 in proceeds for his role in the sale of prescription drugs via an internet pharmacy.  Munshi pled guilty in July 2008 to conspiring to sell generic versions of Viagra, Cialis and Levitra, which were imported from India, over […]