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7 Simple Tips to Save Money on Medicines

Simple Tips to Save Money on Medicines

You can’t save on your health, but what should you do when the prices for treatment are sky-high? In 2021, Americans even have to take cash advance Portland TN to afford treatment. Cash advances (payday loans) are short-term and small-dollar (usually do not exceed $1,000). They have fewer requirements and do not involve a credit check. That is why they are so popular in the USA today. If you are short of cash and urgently need a small loan to purchase vital medicines, this could be the easiest option. At the same time, friends advise buying cheap generics. Or maybe you should follow the advice of your grandmothers and switch to “folk remedies”? We have collected the best advice on how to save on medicines.

There is nothing wrong with analogs

Each new drug that enters the market receives an original name and an international non-proprietary name (INN). The price for the original product is higher since the pharmaceutical company invests production costs in the drug. But an analogue or a so-called generic product has a lower price. Such drugs appear 10 to 20 years after the original release, therefore they are cheaper. But the active ingredient is similar.

Use an International Drug Name Database online. Enter a drug name click on the “search button” and you will see the comprehensive information about this product.

Choose generics wisely and beware of counterfeits

If the active ingredient has been poorly purified, the generic will have more “side effects”. Sometimes the analogue turns out to be better than the original, it dissolves well and is absorbed. Look at the list of side effects. Is the drug prescribed by a doctor? Ask for the international non-proprietary name in the prescription to find the generic. This is important: it is easier to find an analogue for a preparation with one active substance. Complex preparations include several substances, so it is easier to buy such a medicine at a higher price than to search for everything you need in various pharmacies.

Pay attention to the integrity of the medicine packaging, print quality. The letters on the box are reversed, the label is painted, the expiration date is blurred, there is no barcode? It is better to refuse the purchase. Ask your pharmacist for a certificate of conformity, which indicates the original (trade) and international name of the medicine, the country of origin and official information.

Long course = big pack

It just seems like a few small boxes are profitable. Recalculate the cost of the drug per tablet. For example, a large package of 500 tablets costs $100. A pack of 20 tablets – $10. For 60 pills, you will pay $24 rubles. You need to take a 3-month course: 2 tablets a day, or 540 tablets in 90 days. You have a choice: buy 9 packs of 60 pieces each and give $216 or buy a pack of 500 pieces for $100 and 2 packs of 20 tablets, paying $1200.

If you are prescribed an unfamiliar drug, for example, a medicine to lower blood pressure, buy first a medium pack for several weeks. Take and watch your condition: whether you have side effects, for example, edema, headache. If you take the medicine for 2-3 months and there are no “side effects”, feel free to switch to a large package.

Don’t fall for ads

“This medicine is much better!” – the task of the pharmacist is not only to help you but also to increase sales. Therefore, try not to succumb to “great deals and promotions”, buy drugs according to the list or prescription, do not take unnecessary drugs for future use. We will no even mention the uselessness of homeopathic remedies. Try not to buy a product without consulting a doctor just because it is being advertised on TV.

Make a list of the drugs you need with your doctor. Keep an eye on your first aid kit, top up basic medicines as needed.

Follow doctor’s recommendations

If the doctor has not prescribed you a course of droppers, do not “prescribe” a medicine for yourself. Such a misconception exists among the older generation, but a dropper with saline and glucose will not do a miracle. Chronic diseases should be treated according to the doctor’s recommendations.

For prophylaxis, you can use a drug with a similar injection of the active substance. First, vials are more expensive. Secondly, we repeat once again, you need to take a course of injections only as prescribed by a doctor.

Compare prices in pharmacies online

Services like GoodRx will help you find a cheap drug at your nearest pharmacy. Prices can vary from one institution to another by 1.5 – 2 times. If you find a cheaper drug on the website, call the pharmacy and check the relevance of the price. Oddly enough, prices may be lower in network pharmacies than in small ones since organizations buy goods in bulk from suppliers.

Also, there are discounter pharmacies in many cities, where retail prices for medicines are much lower. Use loyalty programs, apply for pharmacy cards to get a discount.

Do not delay treatment

To improve your quality of life, do not delay treatment. This applies to chronic and non-communicable diseases. If you ignore early treatment, the disease can give a complication and more resources will be required for recovery: both financial and internal.

According to the WHO, our condition is 50% dependent on lifestyle, 20% on genetics and the environment. Health care affects only 10%. If the doctor recommends taking a course of the drug, increasing activity, losing a couple of kilos and improving nutrition, it is better to adhere to the recommendations now than to spend money on treatment in the future.

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