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FDA Warns of Pet Internet Pharmacies

In March 2010, the FDA released a report warning users of the potentially “fraudulent” practices associated with internet pharmacies selling medication for pets, such as heartworm preventatives and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).  Specifically, the report warns that numerous veterinary internet pharmacies are selling expired or counterfeit drugs and selling drugs without a prescription.  The report expressly states “that a veterinarian should physically examine an animal prior to making a diagnosis to determine the appropriate therapy.”

While this is no doubt optimal, the issue is whether such a physical examination is legally required.  The FDA and DEA and very good about stating what should be done, but they sometimes tend to overlook what must be done in order to comply with the law.  Since I am unaware of any federal indictments on this matter, what level of medical scrutiny is required with respect to pet prescriptions remains unanswered.

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