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Bellingham, WA Doctor Investigated for Internet Pharmacy Ties

According to the Seattle Times, the home of Dr. Peter Pfeiffer, of Bellingham, Washington, was raided by DEA agents last Friday as a result of his alleged ties to an Internet pharmacy.  The search warrant alleged, among other things, that Pfeiffer was:

  • writing “a very large number of prescriptions” for hydrocodone between November and February;
  • writing prescriptions for “90 pills every time . . . This is exceedingly unusual and indicates the prescriptions are being issued without medical justification;”
  • writing his residential address on the prescriptions, which “is highly unusual for a bona fide physician;”
  • authorizing prescriptions filled by a Beverly Hills pharmacy called “House of Medicine;” and
  • communicating (according to phone records) with online pharmacies, including

Criminal charges have not been filed; however, Dr. Pfeiffer’s DEA registration was suspended.

Since the search warrant alleges that Pfeiffer’s last prescription was in February, the government will presumably have to proceed with a pre Ryan Haight Act based prosecution (if they do end up indicting him) under the unamended version of the Controlled Substances Act.  As I have noted previously, pre Ryan Haight Act Internet pharmacy law prosecutions can present a number of problems for prosecutors and opportunities for criminal defense attorneys.

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