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AffPower Internet Pharmacy Trial Began This Week

The AffPower network Internet pharmacy trial began this week in the Southern District of California for the remaining AffPower defendants Dolores Lovin, Mary Aronson, Richard Edward Koch, Philip James Bidwell, Jeffrey A. Light, Tracy ONeal Tyler and Peter P. Bragansa.  This case is unique in that the Government seeks to prosecute Internet pharmacy affiliates as well as the traditional Internet pharmacy players.  The AffPower case involves both controlled and non-controlled substances.

The JIVE Internet pharmacy trial also began two weeks ago in the Middle District of Florida.  Both of these cases are pre-Ryan Haight Act prosecutions.  It is somewhat ironic that these trials will be in progress when the Ryan Haight Act (which attempts to criminalize the very actions for which most of these individuals are indicted) becomes effective next Monday.

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