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U.S. v. Hernandez: Judge Grants Motion to Dismiss in Internet Pharmacy Case

On Saturday, I noted that the Government moved to dismiss the federal indictment against the remaining internet pharmacy defendants in U.S. v. Hernandez (Dr. Hannibal Edwards, Lawrence Pinkoff, Serge Francois, pharmacy Concept RX, Frank Hernandez and Lifeline Pharmacy, Inc.).  Today, Judge Zloch of the Southern District of Florida granted the Government’s Motion to Dismiss.  Additionally, as I previously noted, the judge permitted defendants Emmanuel Antonio, Theophilos Antoniou, Eva Global, Inc., and Tropic Spiral Systems, Inc. to withdraw their guilty pleas.  Their charges were dismissed as well.

The Government moved to dismiss after Judge Zloch refused to sentence Emmanuel Antonio and Theophilos Antoniou.  Specifically, the judge questioned whether their alleged conduct was indeed illegal.

This is great news.  Finally, a court has implicitly accepted the “Ryan Haight Act criminal defense argument” that I have long been advocating.

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