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Internet Pharmacy Operator, Steven Rosner, Sentenced to 33 months

After pleading guilty to conspiracy to distribute controlled substances, Steven Rosner was sentenced to 33 months by a Judge in the Northern District of Texas for his role in an internet pharmacy operation.  According to the original 201 count indictment, Rosner operated and to facilitate the distribution of controlled substances, paid doctors Arceli Rodriguez-Soto, Carlos Ortiz and Maileen Lugo-Torres to approve prescriptions, and conspired with co-defendant Rakesh Saran (to be sentenced next month) to fill the prescriptions between 2004-2005.  Rosner admitted to distributing over 40,000 hydrocodone, phendimetrazine, alprazolam and phentermine pills each.  Saran pled guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit health care fraud, two counts of mail fraud and one count of conspiracy to distribute controlled substances.  All 19 individuals involved in the indictment have pled guilty.

This was another federal pre Ryan Haight Act indictment and prosecution.  I understand that most individuals are risk averse and certainly respect these individuals’ decisions to plea and move on with their lives; however, the fact that most individuals continue to plead guilty to these “offenses” perplexes me.  Even if a Motion to Dismiss is unsuccessful, there are still a number of great legal and factual criminal defense arguments to present to a jury.

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