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Florida Doctor Juan Ibanez Gets Four Years For Internet Pharmacy Involvement

The St. Petersberg Times reports that Florida doctor Juan Ibanez was sentenced to four years yesterday for his association with an internet pharmacy organization (,,, and which distributed “more than 50 million hydrocodone pills” nationwide.  Between 2003-2007, the online pharmacy grossed more than $85 million from its sales of Vicodin.  Doctors did not perform face to face medical evaluations; however, they did require patients to fill out health questionnaires and submit medical records.

Ibanez pled guilty to the distribution of hydrocodone in violation of the Controlled Substances Act, conspiracy to distribute hydrocodone, illegally using other doctors’ federal registration numbers, “conspiracy to use pharmacies for illegally distributing hydrocodone and to use communication facilities as part of the conspiracy” and “engaging in a monetary transaction, greater than $10,000, in property received criminally from the drug conspiracy.”

History:  Juan Ibanez pleads guilty.  Discussion of the Ryan Haight Act.

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