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Ryan Haight Act and Internet Pharmacy Law Criminal Defense Articles

Since I have written quite a bit more on internet pharmacy law and strategy related to the Ryan Haight Act and criminal defense law after my last outline, I figured I would update it and attempt to present it in a more organized fashion.  Below please find a catalogue of some of my most popular articles on the Ryan Haight Act and online pharmacy prescription drug law.


Internet Pharmacy Criminal Defense Law Analysis Part 1:  A detailed legal background of The Controlled Substances Act (pre Ryan Haight Act) and internet pharmacy law, along with a summary of potential criminal defense arguments against pre Ryan Haight Act indictments and prosecutions.

Internet Pharmacy Criminal Defense Law Analysis Part 2 (Discussion of Ryan Haight Act):  Further background discussion of online pharmacy law, including my argument that the Ryan Haight Act undermines pending internet pharmacy prosecutions against website owners, affiliates, pharmacists, and doctors (especially those involved with online consultations services).

Pre Ryan Haight Act Criminal Defense Legislative History Evidence Part 1:  Evidence supporting my argument that the very fact Congress sought to pass the Ryan Haight Act, which attempts to outlaw online consultations without a face to face physical examination, implies that the practice was previously legal.

Pre Ryan Haight Act Criminal Defense Legislative History Evidence Part 2: continued

Pre Ryan Haight Act Criminal Defense Legislative History Evidence Part 3:  continued

Proving Brick and Mortar Pharmacy Guilt in Internet Pharmacy Cases: Discussing the appropriate response to the prosecution strategy of comparing local pharmacy sales with internet pharmacy sales in order to prove a pharmacist’s “knowledge” of illegality.

Federal Indictments of Internet Pharmacy Doctors:  A detailed status outline of doctors indicted for connections to online pharmacies.

Criminal Forfeiture in Internet Pharmacy Cases:  An analysis of criminal forfeiture counts in internet pharmacy prosecutions.


Detailed Criminal Defense Analysis of the Ryan Haight Act:  A description of the potential loopholes and gaps that exist in the Ryan Haight Act.

The Ryan Haight Act Effective Date:  A discussion of the effective date of the Ryan Haight Act

Overlooking Current Prosecutions:  A reminder that the effective date of the Ryan Haight Act is most likely irrelevant, given the fact that the DEA and DOJ have been prosecuting website owners, doctors, pharmacies, and pharmacists without the benefit of the Ryan Haight Act for several years.

Undermining the Justification for the Ryan Haight Act:  An argument that face to face physical examinations do not offer any advantages over online consultations in determining the veracity of a patient’s pain.

More on the Ryan Haight Online Pharmacy Consumer Act:  A detailed analysis of my argument that pre-Ryan Haight Act internet pharmacy law is, at the very least, so unclear as to make prosecutions illegitimate and that the Ryan Haight Act only confirms such lack of clarity.  In other words, the Ryan Haight Act, somewhat counterintuitively, should benefit pre-Ryan Haight Act criminal defendants.


DEA Ryan Haight Act Press Release:  Noting the inconsistencies and flaws in the DEA’s Ryan Haight Act press release.

Ryan Haight Act Signed by the President:  Status update.

Senate passes the Ryan Haight Act:  Status update.

House Passes Ryan Haight Act:  Status update.

House Energy Committee Passes the Ryan Haight Act:  Status update.

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