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The President Signs The Ryan Haight Act

The Ryan Haight Act (formally The Ryan Haight Online Pharmacy Consumer Protection Act of 2008) was signed by President George Bush today, which amends The Controlled Substances Act to address internet pharmacy prescriptions and practice.

I have written extensively on The Ryan Haight Act.  I still believe that even the attempt to amend The Controlled Substances Act to regulate drugs dispensed by an online pharmacy undermines the pending pre-Ryan Haight Act prosecutions.  Moreover, The Ryan Haight Act itself has many holes, including both is inapplicability to an international internet pharmacy and an online pharmacy dispensing non-controlled substances.

You can view my comprehensive criminal defense based discussion of The Ryan Haight Act and its affect on both current (especially those involving doctors issuing prescriptions without face-to-face physical examinations) and future internet pharmacy law indictments and prosecutions of pharmacies, doctors, pharmacists, clinics, website owners, and affiliates below:


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