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Ryan Haight Act: Overlooking Current Internet Pharmacy Prosecutions

With the focus on the Ryan Haight Act, I imagine many are wondering when the Act becomes effective should the President sign it (which he will).  Note, however, that the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) would view that date as irrelevant.  The DEA and Department of Justice (DOJ) are indicting, prosecuting, and successfully convicting online pharmacy website owners, doctors, and pharmacists without the benefit of the Ryan Haight Act.

Look no further than my list of internet pharmacy doctor indictment and convictions.  Although I have argued that the legal basis for these indictments seems illogical given Congress’s attempt to pass the Ryan Haight Act, the fact that the Act is not in “effect” does not prevent the DEA and DOJ from indicting individuals associated with an online pharmacy.

I have summarized and linked previous discussion on the Ryan Haight Act and its effect on online pharmacy prescriptions below:

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