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New York Doctor’s License Revoked for Internet Pharmacy Prescriptions

Dr. Joyce Wong Buckley, a doctor in Watertown, NY, of New Concepts Obstetrics & Gynecology was found to be grossly negligent for writing 75,000 online pharmacy prescriptions without prior physical examinations.  Dr. Wong Buckley was paid $150,000 for her services.  According to the Watertown Daily Times:

prescription drugs . . . received included Tramadol, generic of Ultram, a narcotic-like pain reliever; Levitra, which treats erectile dysfunction; Soma, a muscle relaxant, and Fioricet, which treats tension headaches.

Dr. Wong Buckley was allegedly tied to the Hogan’s Pharmacy bust in Lyons, Kansas.

Some are going to say that this is clear evidence that New York considers online consultations illegal.  Keep in mind that the standard for revoking a professional license is much less than the reasonable doubt standard in criminal court and, more importantly, what New York thinks is entirely irrelevant to how online consultations are interpreted under federal law and, specifically, The Controlled Substances Act, which is what I centrally discuss on this website.

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