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Judge Dismisses Case Against Internet Pharmacy

A state judge in Albany, NY dismissed with prejudice charges against Signature Compounding Pharmacy and its executives: Chief Executive Officer Naomi Loomis, Chief Operating Officer Robert “Stan” Loomis, head pharmacist Kenneth “Mike” Loomis and business-development director Kirk Calver.  The indictment alleged that Signature Pharmacy was at the center of an internet drug distribution scheme filling internet steroid prescriptions authorized by online consulation service (OCS) doctors (i.e. without physical examinations).  The pharmacy at one time allegedly was doing $30 million in business per year.  The Court found that:

“the amorphous quality of the evolving indictments, coupled with the cursory and inadequate instructions in the fourth presentment have impaired the integrity of the grand jury proceedings to such a degree that a dismissal is warranted.”

Obviously this case was dismissed for technical reasons, but it is an example of what we see in many of the cases: numerous superseding indictments adding more and more players to the mix.  In this case, it looks like it was one too many.  Take a look at the Associated Press’s report for more on this online pharmacy dismissal.

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