Criminal Defense Attorney Analysis of Internet Pharmacy, Prescription, and Drug Law

Internet Pharmacy Escrow Services provides an interesting report on the Canada Pharmacy Escrow Service, a company dedicated to solving the problem of counterfeit online drugs.  As one might guess, the company is an escrow service that will reship medication or refund a customer’s money, should the prescription not arrive from the pharmacy.  Whether this takes off is anyone’s guess.

In my opinion, it seems like an extra step for someone trying to receive necessary medication as soon as possible.  After all, aside from cost, the second most popular reason for shopping for medication online is convenience.  Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, it does nothing to solve the issue of counterfeit drugs, (even though that is the purported basis for the website), which the Mark Monitor internet pharmacy study indicates is a growing problem.  Most customers have no idea whether they received legit medication.  If the medication, counterfeit or legit, is received, most will simply notify the escrow service to release their payment to the pharmacy.  Using internet pharmacies is a risk, but, given the price and convenience, it is a risk that a growing number of individuals are willing to take.

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