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Torino Jennings, a Virgnia doctor, faces Internet pharmacy charges in a Boston District Court.

Ohio pharmacist Gary A. Evankovich was indicted

A federal district court unsealed a 198 count indictment of several individuals associated with an Alabama compounding pharmacy (Applied Pharmacy Services, Inc.)

I previously wondered whether the government would indict individuals involved in internet pharmacy operations after the passage of the Ryan Haight Act but before its 2009 effective date.

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Bond was set in late November by an Ohio judge for defendants Dr. Ramon Scruggs ($5,000), Craig Romey ($2,500), Angel Ortero ($1,000) and police lieutenant Anthony Tuleta ($1,500), according to Channel 5 Cleveland.

While most of the news coverage on the Ohio steroid possession indictment two weeks ago concerned the fact that the drug prescriptions were allegedly obtained online from Dr. Ramon Scruggs (i.e. an “internet pharmacy”), the method of obtaining drugs does not appear to be legally relevant under Ohio law (after a brief, cursory inspection of Ohio’s Controlled Substances Act).