Internet Pharmacy Owners Sentenced To Five Years Imprisonment

by dcooley on February 2, 2009

Internet pharmacy owners Steven Abiodun Sodipo and Onigbo Nwaehiri were both sentenced to five years imprisonment by a Maryland District Court Judge earlier last month for their role in selling 9,936,075 hydrocodone (Vicodin)

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Kevin Allen 02.16.09 at 8:09 pm

This was an interesting case. I had personally followed the case and in my opinion these men were preyed upon by the government because they had considered them the weakest link in case that was very weak.What puzzle me is that these men were convicted on a law that did not exist at the time they indicted.The question is whether internet consultation was illegal. As much as i know, the law making online consultation illegal was signed on october 2008.Why then were these men convicted for filling prescriptions that were written by doctors outside the scope of their professional practice. There were about 19 other pharmacies that were recruited by the website owners to fill medications for their online clients. Why did the government single out only this one pharnmacy in baltimore for prosecution. During the trial the government alledged that the pharmacy grossed under 4 million dollars for the entire conspiracy,but the government is demanding 11.8millon dollars from each of the defendants and made them responsible for monies made by the doctors and website owners. The whole thing stings.We all know what te deal is. I hope that they appeal the case because i think these men have very good reasons for appeal and i wish them luck in their fight.

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